Do you own products or services in your company? If this is the case, then you are aware that pricing those products and services is not an easy matter, as the product pricing process in companies is one of the most important aspects of marketing strategies. Setting a good pricing strategy will help in achieving maximum profits when selling products and services and to ensure that the prices of your products are Profitable, it must take into account several factors and criteria during the pricing process of services.

After considering a wide range of factors that include production and distribution costs, competitors' offers, determining the market and the target customer base and studying them well, ASMK is offering the following pricing services to help companies to reach the best possible pricing services:

Preparing pricing policies and business process guides.

Pricing analysis.

Financial offers (bids and auctions).

Pricing of products and services.

Preparation of fixed price lists.

Pricing procedures manuals & policies

Pricing policies and work procedures manuals are considered as a work map and clear guidelines for companies to operate in a systematic and effective manner, especially in an important and influential section such as the pricing section because there is a detailed written plan that specifies how to price in a way that meets the needs and vision of the company and also to ensure that each employee of the company has the necessary experience, knowledge and appropriate vision to carry out the pricing process in the right way, regardless of his experience, he adopted a clear and written business plan.
Accordingly, we emphasize the need to develop pricing policies and a guide to work procedures in order to enable your employees to perform their work to the best of their abilities and to avoid placing the fate of the company's efficiency in the hands of employees.
ASMK provides an efficient solution for preparing your pricing policies and business process guides.

Pricing analysis

The main purpose of analyzing the pricing and price policies used by the company is to study the prices and their effects, to determine whether or not they are profitable, or to determine which products are profitable and which are losers, and helping companies to determine the appropriate price for products and services.
The strategic importance of pricing lies in how the product, distribution, price and promotion strategies are all aligned with an integrated marketing strategy and identifying a suitable product position in the market. The process of pricing analysis is essential when developing a price strategy that includes a combination of services or products or choosing a product line, or determining a price strategy for a new product or trademark.
ASMK can assist its clients in analyzing existing pricing policies and developing price lists for products and services to ensure avoiding any losses and achieving profits to be able to implement the objectives of the top management of the companies.

Financial Proposals ( Tenders & Bids)

Most companies fail to achieve the equation between winning of the price offer submitted and achieving profits at the same time, as submitting quotations through tenders and bids requires the maximum level of pricing efficiency to ensure that the prices offered are profitable and competitive as well to ensure winning the bid and protecting the company from losses at the same time.
In this field, ASMK is distinguished in its ability to prepare the required quotations in tenders and auctions that guarantee competitiveness and desired profits after studying all the company's fixed costs as well as the project's variable costs.

Pricing Products & Services

Pricing is the process by which a company determines the price at which it sells its products and services. The company takes into account all costs, competition factors and the economic situation of the market when setting prices.
ASMK can professionally provide pricing services for your products and services by putting all direct and indirect costs into consideration and also after studying the prices of some competitors in the market in addition to the economic market situation in order to ensure that your company will get the best profitable and competitive prices for your products.

Setting up Pricing Lists

Fixed price lists are one of the companies' means of publishing their prices consistently to all customers, seeking clarity and transparency, and to build confidence with their customers. Fixed price lists are also considered one of the good tools that are suitable for companies that provide products or services that do not change from one customer to another, which allows companies the ability to provide prices quickly and thoughtfully.
Due to ASMK's extensive experience in the fields of pricing, it can assist you in setting fixed price lists after studying all the company's financial conditions and all the variables surrounding the products to ensure profitability that meets the management's objectives, regardless of the circumstances of the sale.

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Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.

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