HR & Payroll Management Solution in Dubai UAE
ASMK's providing of payroll management services helps you reduce costs and ensure that your company complies with modern laws with minimal impact on them.

What distinguishes ASMK from others?

Abide by the laws of the United Arab Emirates

Integrated functionality platform

WPS system

Employee self-service, payroll and pay slips

The lowest possible cost

Looking to reduce costs while increasing efficiency?

If your company wants to reduce human resource management costs, reviewing ever-changing regulations, managing required human resource documents and payroll processes, and executing processes by choosing ASMK will bring you great benefits.
If your company needs to prepare payroll for its clients or payroll for its employees, ASMK can provide services including "payroll, payroll reconciliation, compensation entitlement record, retirement reports, cash or bank, wage protection system, overtime, detailed reports, and outstanding loan reports based on employees, payroll and leave balance report" according to a work system designed according to the United Arab of Emirates regulations and supports the wages protection system.
Our services designed in the United Arab of Emirates will simplify and automate the HR and payroll processes and ensure that wages are paid accurately and comply with regulations. Our comprehensive HR and payroll services will guide your company's HR department towards cost reduction, improving compliance and ensuring your compliance with legislation with minimal impact.

Financial statements preparation



Our consultants are collecting data about your company's current policies, analyze it well, compare it with the applied systems in the United Arab of Emirates, and make sure to improve it in order to meet the needs of your company while conforming to the regulations and laws.



The teamwork is preparing the personnel database, insurances and payroll, the progress and work of the required approvals, and conducts the documentation required to establish an integrated payroll management service that clarifies at any time the status and position of any employee easily. In addition to preparing payroll and periodic vacation allowances, which are used in the payment of the required dues in a proper legal manner.



After preparing the necessary databases and identifying the company's needs, the appropriate technological solutions are selected and provided to the nature of the activity, through which the best practice can be provided to work with the quality and experience required to manage your business more effectively and quickly.


Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

Our consultants will train the employees of your company and the human resources and accounts management team on how to prepare the required easily and secretly and in a way that saves time and effort for the company in the event of assigning tasks to the client in the future or implementing them monthly if we implement the services periodically.

ASMK wants to hear from you .

Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.

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