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ASMK offers a range of financial advisory services in the UAE to help executives perform better business through financial transformation to suit their expansions and ambitions.

The four financial advisory package includes:

Financial Analysis

Financial Modeling

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Financial Studies

Financial Analysis

Interested in analyzing your company's financial information? Do you want to define the direction? And the gaps? The strengths and weaknesses of your company?
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The business financial analysis provided by ASMK answers these questions with an accurate diagnosis and analysis of your company's financial situation from several aspects as follows:

Checking the direction of your company's performance: Conducting vertical and horizontal analysis over multiple periods of time to determine the company's performance trend.

Liquidity: Checking the existence of current assets in the company

Profitability: determines an entity's ability to generate profits

Debt or Leverage: It measures the effect of adding debt to an entity's capital structure, whether positive or negative

Activity: Measures your ability to turn a profit over a time frame, for example, how much you can spend in forward sales.

Financial Modeling

ASMK's financial model design services are one of the supports and analysis tools that contribute to making the right decisions.Financial models are designed to be relied upon to support business decisions and provide clear information that allows customers to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support their business plan and investment decisions.
Why do you need ASMK in designing your financial models?

Do you have strong financial instruments that can analyze and resolve opportunities?

Are your financial model expectations based on the use of core values of your company?

Can your models conduct an analysis of the operational, commercial and financial sensitivities applied to key stakeholders?

Is your model so well documented that someone else can work on it if your master modelist is not available?

Is your model easy to understand?

Is your model fast up-to-date and evolving with the deal?

Have your financing arrangements fully integrated into your financial form so that you can perform an adequate analysis of cash and contracts?

Did your model include updated accounting standards and tax regulations in an appropriate way to see how they affect financial statements?

ASMK can maximize the impact of your "Financial Model" as a decision-making tool. Our financial management supports the provision of appropriate evaluation from an accounting, financial and tax perspective.
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Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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Is your business having a cash flow problem? Do you want a better system that supports and monitors your expenses? Do you need custom reports that your current accounting software does not provide? The budgeting and forecasting services provided by ASMK have been carefully studied in order to ensure the future cash efficiency of your company, and ASMK believes that a good, accurate and detailed budget is necessary to achieve its customers' financial goals, being the first step to predicting and preparing for any future financial problems. Budgets are prepared at ASMK by working closely with its customers in developing annual estimates that are characterized by the presence of the highest amount of detail and supportive data as well as having tools that allow them to forecast, define expected variances and avoid them so as not to allow them to deviate from their course. Many small and medium business owners as well as entrepreneurs lack the time and expertise to set up and use these tools properly.
The provision of budgeting and forecasting services in our company includes the following:

Preparing the cash flow statement

Preparing a list of profits and losses

Specifications and modeling of the budget

Preparing monthly monitoring and analytical reports for the budget and actual results.

Financial Studies

The financial study: It is one of the most important components of the feasibility study of any project, and it is a financial reflection of the technical and market study that is prepared by experts familiar with all aspects of the project and its purpose is to predict whether the project is feasible and profitable or not and what is the funding required for the project, and the financial study consists of several lists It represents the input and output of the study.
Through pricing programs, you can benefit from the following services:

Revenue estimates and value

Labor cost estimates and settings

Estimates of the costs of the assets required by the project

Estimates of the direct and indirect costs or the fixed and variable costs of the project

The study outcomes include several lists, the most important outcomes

List of expected profits and losses

Statement of Cash Flows

Sensitivity analysis and graphical presentation of key financial statements

From the above it is clear that to prepare a feasibility study, any opportunity or a new project, a number of studies must be prepared and they are respectively (market study - technical study - financial study), but sometimes the customer has a complete view of the market and technical experience of the project, but he cannot translate that into the financial form. Here, ASMK can help its customers prepare the financial study and provide them with a professional and easy financial analysis.
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Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.

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