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In the current economic conditions, organizations strive to become smart, intelligent, and creative, and their thinking is characterized by expansion and ambition, with caution, to avoid any crises that afflict their future work or ideas.

ASMK is providing a range of business consulting services in the United Arab Emirates to help entrepreneurs and those who establish companies to study businesses that suit their expansion and ambitions.

The six-business consulting package includes:

Integrated business plan

Feasibility Studies

Market Studies

Business Valuation & Investment Pitches

Franchise Proposals (using trade names)

Company Setup

Business Plans

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You already have a company but your vision is blurry? And the business market is changing around you and you need an organized way to understand, did your customers thinking about your products and services? Or do you not start your business yet and do not have a clear vision on how to manage this business?

The business plan provided by ASMK is the right solution for you, whether you are a new company or already existing in the business market, and it is a scheme that defines the main elements of business management. The plan consists of a set of plans as follows:

Marketing plan.

Human Resources plan.

Operational plan.

Financial plan.

Feasibility Studies

Whether you start a new business activity or it is just an idea that needs a clear framework, you must conduct a feasibility study for the project because it is a main tool that must be used to find out the feasibility of any project. Therefore, feasibility studies answer important questions such as:

Is the project worth investing money in starting a new activity or market?

What risks do I face, and what return should I earn from this risk?

How good is the demand for your product or service and how bad is the competition?

What profit margins would you achieve in the next five years using the best rough estimate?

How long will it take to break-even point if I invest my money?

What is the net worth of workers currently, given all the supply and demand factors?

What is the main plan of my operations? Where will I be? What will I hire?

Feasibility studies are providing answers to the previous questions and more questions that differ from one person to another through a group of sub-studies combined.
Comprehensive feasibility studies are a very important tool for institutions because they work to assess the ability of these organizations to successfully complete projects, as these institutions benefit from feasibility studies in identifying the potential negative and positive results of any project and clearly identify the potential problems that may appear during project execution, as well as understanding the financial and operational implications and other potential regulatory impacts and also those studies are determining whether the project will be productive after taking all the influencing factors into consideration, provided that feasibility studies are conducted before investing valuable money and time.
You can contact ASMK if you want a high-quality feasibility study for your company or potential business in case the idea is still in the United Arab Emirates as our consultants have extensive experience in developing business plans and conducting successful feasibility studies.
Elements of Feasibility Study Feasibility studies are consisting of several sub-studies and presented together or separately according to the client's request and include the following:

Project overviewIn it, the project idea, place, time, mission, goals, and objectives are explained.

Market feasibility study:It identifies potential buyers, analyzes competitors, industry, future, current market potentials and sales estimates against potential prospects.

Technical feasibility study:It is a detailed scheme of the project and the products or services provided in the business form and the method of submitting, as well as it lists the data of providing the product or service, and a detailed plan for the required labor, raw materials, transportation, necessary technology, work sites and assets required to implement the project ... etc.

Financial feasibility study:It includes forecasting plan for the required financing measure, type of funds, expected profits and losses, balance sheet, cash flow, etc. It also includes details of assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and graphical presentation of key financial data.

Our company is conducting market research in partnership with leading market research firms in the United Arab Emirates to obtain real market data, which in turn forms the basis for developing a good feasibility study.
The outputs that we provide to our clients are in the form of comprehensive reports and presentations, supported by detailed financial forms, developed using extended work lists that support you in evaluating your chances of success and our participation with you provides the confidence that your investors need to participate in your projects.
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Market Study

مسك الدفاتر
Need to understand the market but do not want to do a full feasibility study?
Do you want a market survey and some interviews to understand the opinions and perspectives of your target market?
Want to know how potential customers perceive your idea? In addition to determining the factors that will affect purchase decision from you in the future?
The market feasibility study and field research can answer all these questions and help you to study the market and address its trends and needs by first conducting secondary research (desk research) and extensive basic research (surveys and interviewing), followed by an integrated analytical study that identifies potential buyers and analyzes competitors, industry, future and current market potentials and sales estimates in light of potential possibilities.
ASMK is offering you the necessary market study, whether you want to enter any market or an existing entrepreneur where all markets and sectors change constantly, and interested employers and businessmen have a desire to remain at the forefront of the scene and that any successful business must understand the market, its needs and consumers’ desires because of its great importance in attracting them. .

Business Valuation & Investment pitches

You may need to conduct a business evaluation that supports you in the feasibility of entering or leaving partners for your project or continuing or exiting the business market if the company is in a "decline or weakness" stage, which provides you with an analysis of the facts and expectations of present and future to find out the intrinsic and true value of your business and the chances of its continuation, as well as the aim of the evaluation service of business is to help entrepreneurs to understand buyers' approach about evaluation and the value that can be achieved in case of a sale.

ASMK can provide an evaluation report that helps you in enter or exit of a partner for your project or continue or exit the business market.

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Franchise proposals

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Are you ready to invest and manage a successful business form that currently operates across the globe or the region?
Do you want to reduce risks because you are an entrepreneur who welcomes the support of a successful multinational business through franchising?
Franchise agreements are a popular way to expand internationally across different countries, but large companies may realize that there is a high risk when expanding into certain markets but still want to seek a return from these markets to achieve prosperity and sustainability, so the alternative approach is to sign an agreement (franchise) with international investors (commonly referred to as franchisees) where the trademark, rights, privileges, and practices are legally transferred to the franchisor for a pre-defined fee rather than a full and direct investment.
Here the franchisor applies the business (the franchise) in his local market based on the business directory and makes profits from his investment, but pays in return a fee for that franchise, and the initial investments are paid to the company (the franchisor) that is now operating in a new market without being there.
The franchisor usually receives a franchise package to support it in using the franchising business, but the franchisor must present a plan (franchising proposal) to (the franchisor) before he can obtain such a package.
ASMK can support you in preparing the offer and documents necessary for any successful company to use its trade name as we develop the plan that defines the local market in which you want to work, determine the forces of supply and demand, the basic business form in which you will work, make financial forecasts, and most importantly is to provide a clear justification for the investment in this country from the perspective of the multinational company (franchisor).

Companies Set up

Company setup is a term synonymous with establishing business companies in the United Arab Emirates "Dubai" and it is also sometimes referred to as company registration.
You may want to learn about the different jurisdictions, regions, and types of company ownership that you can choose in the United Arab Emirates.
Our specialist advisors will explain the differences between owning a DED Mainland license, a free zone license, an overseas license, a limited liability company (LLC) contract, an unlimited contract, a commercial company, and more depending on your business and your budget.
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Steps to UAE Company Formation

Contact us for a free consultation

ASMK is providing free consulting on company setup in Dubai and the United Arab of Emirates to current and potential clients

Choose your company type

Our company offers several company setups options here in the United Arab Emirates for local, overseas, and free zone companies.

Obtaining notification of the license

The company establishing application process begins once all necessary documents have been obtained

Opening Fast bank account

At ASMK, we believe that it is very important for your company to have a bank account within the country or in its free zones.

Providing an owner visa and obtaining work permits for employees

At ASMK, After your company is registered in Dubai, the authorities will stamp the United Arab of Emirates residence visa. we believe that it is very important for your company to have a bank account within the country or in its free zones.

ASMK wants to hear from you .

Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.

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