The United Arab Emirates is on its way to become a business center by focusing its efforts to be the largest business attract in the world. And the more business develops, the greater of the demand for accounting services.

The accounting system for any company is a very important matter from an organizational and administrative point of view, and on the basis of which the extent of the company’s organization and its readiness for success is determined, and from it, ASMK can support your company in the fields of accounting and preparation of financial statements and reports, which results in organizing the work and providing the ideal operating environment for its customers to improve the quality and output of their business.

The laws of the United Arab Emirates stipulate that all companies are bound by the existence of accounting books that are subject to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and therefore ASMK is honored by its ability to provide accounting services and keep books to its clients in a professional manner.

    Accounting services provided by ASMK:
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Archiving and maintaining financial documents
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Inventory management "additional services"


Maintaining Financial Records

The maintaining of financial records is nothing but a real representation and description of what is done on the ground of financial records with the aim of showing the financial performance of the companies and providing the necessary accounting reports to describe their business financially, and to perform this, there are several stages required by ASMK to be able to reach the best way in maintaining financial records in the accounting system for clients as follows:

  • Create an advanced accounting system for the client that corresponds to the nature of work.
  • Client training on how to prepare and deliver financial files.
  • Entering data and maintaining daily records in the correct accounting manner.
  • Processing accounts payable and accounts receivables.
  • Bank reconciliations