ASMK, in cooperation with the best certified auditors, provides you with certified and documented financial and accounting auditing services ready to be presented to all regulatory authorities in the United Arab Emirates and free zones, and our company ensures that an effective and independent audit report is issued in a timely manner.

      Our audit and insurance services include:
    • External Financial Audit
    • Assurance
    • Cash count
    • Stock Count

External Financial Audit

If you require a financial audit that includes fair value assessments of the business, we are conducting serious and professional audits with trusted partners.
    • We have experience in all market sectors in providing statutory auditing, governance and risk services, preparing approved financial statements and corporate compliance services in the United Arab Emirates.
    • We are performing audits with extra attention to identify risks or issues in order to assist you in long-term planning and improving the financial position of your company.


ASMK is providing an independent professional service to reduce the potential risk of information leakage or any breach of any kind through its team of certified auditors so that decision makers can make proactive decisions to avoid any potential risks.

Our expert teams always offer a full range of audit and assurance services, from transformation plans and restructuring to optimized exit strategies.


ASMK believes that the control environment is the basis of the internal control process. As it defines the organization's style and its impact on employee behavior, ASMK can support clients in evaluating the tools of employees involved in performance controls, especially financial reports, and maintaining an effective control system through the following:

      Investigation of control activities
    • Internal control is only an effective tool if it is easily converted into applicable policies and procedures. Performance reviews are informational and physical processing, controls and segregation of duties are the main control activities that must be considered.
    • Supporting management performance reviews in evaluating the effectiveness of employees in performing their jobs. Segregation of duties reduces the risk of errors and fraud. The biggest warning sign in this field is someone who owns the assets and has record keeping capacity. For example, if an employee personally deals with incoming checks and relays the information to the accounting system, then for him it is easy for him to manipulate with accounts and steal revenues.
    • Inspection of Accounting Information System
    • Accounting information systems have a great impact on the accuracy, efficiency, and options of checking the entry of transaction data, and accordingly, it must be verified whether the accounting personnel can enter all the information they need to make the daybook entry useful or whether the system is missing the basic fields, in addition to verify the ability of the employees in creating reports that demonstrate the transparency of the work performed by them and knowing whether these reports are easily generated free of errors or not, and in light of this, the necessary report is prepared to clarify all problems related to the accounting program used and to provide the best human software and organizational solutions to reach the maximum desired efficiency .
    • Evaluation of Control Quality
    • It is ascertained how often management evaluates internal controls and the efficiency of those controls, and describing whether the company is only interested in internal control functions when necessary or when conducting an audit or whether there are tight and sustainable controls.

Cash Control

Cash is the most current asset of the company, the most important of which is in companies, and no institution can succeed and remain without proper cash control procedures.

Cash control is an important part of a company's business that is necessary to have sound cash management, follow and record cash flow and cash balance analysis.

    ASMK can help you in saving money by providing the following services:
  • Providing periodic control of cash according to the client's requirements and the size of his business.
  • Counting the available cash in the company on a periodic basis and matching it with what has been actually collected from customers and following up on its deposits in the bank.
  • Controlling and stopping losses resulting from embezzlement and forgery.
  • Ensuring cash sufficiency on the due dates of the payment papers.

Inventory Management

Inventory control is an analytical procedure aimed to verify that the inventory or physical inventory of goods matches the financial records

ASMK shall provide an experienced auditor to manage your finances to ensure the accuracy of your company's stock balance.

ASMK is assisting clients with their inventory management procedures. Due to the huge size of some inventories, we can handle a large number of inventory audit procedures to ensure that the valuation we have mentioned of the inventory asset is reasonable.

Some of the tools that are provided to optimally manage inventory are as follows:
    • Providing inventory management systems appropriate to the nature of each customer's business.
    • Choosing the best storage system appropriate to the nature of each customer's business.
    • Reviewing the incoming and outgoing inventory that has been registered and ensuring that it is recorded accurately and properly.
    • Controlling physical inventory count.
    • Analyzing the used and unused inventory on a regular basis and provide necessary recommendations.