No company can work for a long time without account department, whether you are a self-employed person or a large company operating in several countries you need an effective accounting system to manage all your finances.

ASMK's expertise allows it to provide services for establishing corporate accounts and finance departments through the following services:

Develop accounting management structures, work manuals and plan their work.

Preparing of the account tree scheme for management and accounting registration strategy.

Providing supervision and support services after the establishment of departments.

Setting Up Departments Structures and Procedure Manuals


Setting up the accounting manual

Establishing a structure for managing accounts in companies is the first step towards the company’s enjoyment of the administrative and financial organization, and the preparation of the management work procedures manual comes as a work map and clear guidelines for management in order to work systematically and effectively. This is because having a detailed written plan defines how to work in a way that meets the needs and vision of the company and also ensures that every employee of the company has the necessary experience, knowledge and vision to carry out the job tasks properly regardless of the extent of his experience to rely on a written and clear action plan

The accounting guide contains the relevant accounting rules and other information about the company or organization, and basically the accounting guide is a detailed chart that includes all the important accounting information and procedures needed to work based on the nature of the company's business of procedures and transactions.


Supporting and selecting the accounting system and structuring management on it

After determining the best method to be used and developing the manuals of the work procedure manuals ,the company shall choose and establish a professional accounting system that ensures the facilitation of its work and increased accuracy by applying all the procedures previously established on that accounting system and the automation of transactions and procedures to make the most of it possible by saving time, effort and labor .

Based on the aforementioned, ASMK is fully aware of assisting its clients in establishing and structuring account departments in an optimal manner to meet the demands of their customers.

Setting Up Chart of Accounts of the business

Any account management in any company must prepare a chart of accounts tree in line with the nature of the company’s business and how to manage its accounts in a manner that ensures the accuracy of correctly directing and recording accounting transactions, and this includes all the accounts applicable in your accounting system such as income and expenditure accounts and capital accounts etc.
Therefore,ASMK can be your professional partner in setting up your company's account list easily.

Supervision & Support Services

Financial statements are the means by which companies can know the financial results and analyze their financial performance during a specific financial period and also, it is the main desired goal of the book-keeping process, and as it is internationally followed, every company shall prepare four financial statements periodically, which these lists together represent the strength of the company that reflects its profit and financial position

Supervising the policies in place for managing accounts and their work procedures and ensuring that they are done correctly in accordance with the principles of prudence and caution and in line with international accounting standards in a manner that suits the nature of the company's work.

Supervising the accounting registration process, ensuring its accuracy, and providing the required support to correct the method of implementation by raising the main observations that require management attention according to their importance.

Supervising the settlement of bank accounts, accounts of customers, suppliers, and other major accounts that have been prepared correctly and on time and matched with other parties such as clients, suppliers and banks.

Supervising the systems and technological solutions used by the company, recommending their compatibility and ease with the nature of work, and providing support and training in cases that require changing the systems.

Supervising how to prepare financial reports and recommending the best form to obtain useful and effective financial reports.

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Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.

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