About us

ASMK was established in the year of 2018 in the UAE in providing accounting services, financial advisory and business advisory to small and medium-sized enterprises, our team includes a professional and qualified team with more than 10 years of experience from chartered accountants, business consultants and marketing strategists whose work is of the highest intelligence and skill, and our company focuses its attention on meeting the specific needs of your business by providing proven strategic and technological solutions that support our customers in achieving the desired growth.

ASMK Vision

ASMK seeks to become the first choice for customers as a leading company in providing accounting services and financial advisory to Small and medium-sized enterprises and achieving continuous development using the latest consulting technologies.

ASMK Mission

ASMK adopts a flexible long-term vision as a financial and accounting services provider by providing the highest level of services to reach the main objective of encouraging and promoting accounting and financial awareness among customers within the community.

ASMK Values

The following core values support ASMK's business as an aspiring, entrepreneurial success partner.

Leadership is an example worthy of emulation.

Team work.

Respect for the individual.

Facts finding and providing information.

Openness and honesty in our communications.

Commitment to the values of our society

Integrity covers all our work.

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