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ASMK is one of the best accounting and financial consulting services providers for small and medium enterprises in the United Arab Emirates through the use of its highly experienced team of the best modern systems in the accounting and financial field and by following up a conscious management that aims to work in parallel with the business needs of the current situation, which results in organizing work and providing the ideal operating environment for its clients to improve the quality and output of their business.


ASMK - at a glance

ASMK has been providing accounting and financial consulting services since 2018 to small and medium enterprises in the United Arab Emirates in an efficient, specialized, professional and highly regulated manner.

ASMK is considered a center for providing integrated support in the fields of “accounting services, financial consulting, pricing and auditing, value added tax and accounting software in addition to services for performing financial and marketing analysis” whether you are a foreign company operating in the United Arab of Emirates, a sole proprietorship, or you are a local company looking for help with your project.

ASMK is committed to achieve excellence in providing services to its clients. Its system of operation guides the values of integrity, trust, and professionalism.

ASMK has the lead in managing its best from the local project to the international financial planning level. Our business standards are reflected in achieving customer satisfaction and enhancing our credibility.


ASMK has a very specialized and organized team, which ensures providing excellent and accurate services to our customers, and very enthusiastic about the accuracy of the outputs, managed by an elite of professional leaders with vision and experience who are the secret of our company's strength.

ASMK includes a highly qualified professional and expert team with high experience in various fields of accounting, financial and business consulting in addition to providing consulting in value-added tax and business software and providing solutions that help you to achieve your current and future business vision.

The ASMK team is committed to the internationally and locally applicable standards and rules, international accounting standards as well as international financial reporting standards through the legal framework of the United Arab Emirates in all fields.

Our Services shall guide you to the way of success.

Accounting Services

Accounting services are the first stages of financial organization in companies, and that service is one of the strongest features of ASMK because of its experience in the accounting work that it provides to its clients due to wide experience of its teamwork in the field of accounting.


ASMK offers a wide range of financial advisory and also assists executive officers and decision makers in making the right financial decision and achieving the best possible financial performance.

VAT Consultancy

Experts specializing in value-added tax within ASMK are contributing to study your business and providing the necessary consultancy to comply with VAT laws and legislation to save your business from any potential fines or violations, but it seeks to recover all tax expenses paid and protect your business from losing any recoverable payments.

Marketing Services

ASMK helps you in marketing your business through its effective partnership with a well-organized team working under the guidance of experts in the field of marketing with significant business experience that directs our customers towards smarter growth.

Business Advisory

The United Arab Emirates is considered an ideal place to start a new business, as it includes various business markets for different nationalities, which increases the volume of business that requires many business consultancies that ASMK provides, so that its team has a proven track record of successful business.

Audit Services

ASMK is providing your internal auditing services and strictly committed to apply accounting auditing standards when performing the audit process, which enables it to protect its clients' business and notify them about any potential internal risks.

Company Setup

ASMK helps you in marketing your business through its effective partnership with a team familiar with and experienced in companies’ setup procedures.



  • ASMK is providing the best financial and administrative accounting and advisory services in the United Arab Emirates compared to any other service provider of the same category.
  • ASMK is relying on a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach and the result of this is growth and diversity.
  • ASMK is fully undertakes the integrity and confidentiality of customer data and information as it adheres to nondisclosure agreements.
  • ASMK is committed to seek perfection in providing its services to its clients in light of its work system guided by the values of integrity and professionalism.
  • ASMK is precisely identifies stagnant growth areas in your business that either need to be fixed, closed, or changed in order for them to turn profitable.

These reasons are aiming to achieve customer satisfaction and enhance our credibility so that customers can have better time and energy to focus on strategic goals while the organizational matters are taken care by our company.

Your partner to destination.

ASMK's highly skilled professional team can help you to achieve the growth that its customers aspire to by providing support and assistance at every step of the process without any hidden costs and in a completely transparent way 24/7, anywhere.

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ASMK team is available to serve you 24/7 and is always ready to support you in reducing your problems, managing your accounts, providing business consultancy in addition to help you to build a strong teamwork, developing business plans, providing all financial consultancy and more.

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